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10 Things to Give Up if You Want to be Successful

Everyone wants to be successful. Different people have differing criteria of success. While some pine for fame, others prefer wealth; they’re those who want to be respected above all else, and then there are people who define success as the peace of mind and ability to be free.Image by Austin Distel via UnsplashHowever you define […]

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Turn Around Your Mindset With These 5 Superpowers

I have some bad news. The only thing holding you back from achieving everything you want is YOUR mindset. Not society, not laws, not your family, or your circumstances, it’s YOU! The biggest achievers in the world weren’t born with a silver spoon or with supernatural powers; they were mortals, many from underprivileged backgrounds or […]

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How Procrastination Can Make You Work Better

“A stitch in time saves nine,” your mother, grandmother, and first grade teacher preached in your impressionable years. How many times have you heard procrastination is an awful habit? We have research-backed facts that indicate procrastination can in fact boost creativity, productivity, and help make better decisions. So the next time you get a bad rap […]

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Essentials For Success: Five Hours of Learning In a Week

Though there are many qualities that contribute to a person’s success, one thing that stands out is that successful people are always hungry for new and deeper knowledge. And to this end, they will always make time to learn, whether it is a new skill, discovery, ideology, or anything that satiates their never-ending curiosity. In contrast, […]

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Stop Preparing and Start Doing Now

Preparing and planning are severely over-rated. Things would never get underway if we spent inordinate amount of time in preparing for them. One last edit round and then I’ll submit my article, let me research some more options before I commit to any one, one last talk with investors and I’ll make a great proposal […]

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