Content Marketers: How to Create Content Without Subject Expertise

Every content marketer often comes across subject matters of which they have absolutely no clue. In fact, their lack of knowledge in the field can deter them from trying to profit in the niche. And if you are a content marketer who is facing this issue, the first thing to do is to move away from such defeatist mindsets.

Instead, you should try and take up the challenge, and follow a process that will enable you to write content on any subject you want. For a start, try the three-step process given below when you are confronted with a situation where you have to create share-worthy content without actually being an expert.

Step 1 - Research Competitors and Select Topi​c


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Imagine that you want to ride a bicycle, but don’t know how. What do you do? You will look at how others ride and then try to mimic them. The first attempts won’t be successful, but you will refine the methods until you get to the point that you are able to easily ride the bicycle on your own.

The same applies to writing content as well taking the baby-steps in any endeavor. If you don’t know anything about a subject, then look at what others are writing. This will give you a solid idea on the areas to focus.

For example, if you plan on selling books related to quantum computing, then you might plan on writing 10 articles based on the topic. So, find out the top blogs in your niche, which in our case is quantum computing, and look at the articles they have published in this area. By doing so, you have a fairly decent idea as to the topics of your articles.

Next, list all topics you have identified from the top bloggers in the niche. It can be 20, 40, or even more. Narrow it down to 10 after looking at the relevance of the topics to your marketing strategy.

​Step 2 - Get ​Reference


Just having the topics ready is obviously not enough. You will need to do further research on them and get deeper into as much reference articles and materials as possible. Try to get at least 5 to 6 top notch reference articles for each topic. Then read all of them, topic by topic.

While doing that, make sure to note down all the new terms you come across. For example, in quantum computing, you might come across a term called ‘Quantum Contextuality’. Make sure you note down these terms, and then read up on them to have a good grasp of the content in the references.

​Step 3 - Write the Article in​ a Formal Tone


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Once you have understood the reference articles, you can start the final writing process. When you start writing, make sure that you write in an authoritative tone. Your writing should reflect that you are someone with knowledge about the topic, and not an amateur.

The best way to give off that impression is by using a firm, authoritative tone for the article that does not sound too casual. For example, instead of writing a line like ‘try to plug in the machine by yourself and it might work,’ write in a more direct style, ‘plug in the machine and wait for a few seconds for it to start.’

While the first sentence is definitely vague and weak, the second sentence comes across as more professional because of its formal tone. And that is the way you need to write the article. 

​Tips To Keep In Mind When Writing Conte​​​​nt F​​or Subjects You Don't Know Much About

Add Statistics

A good way to make an article look professional is by using statistics. Look for relevant numbers and place them in your content. For example, when writing an article about the basics of quantum computing, you will want to let the reader know how fast a quantum computer can be.


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And to this end, you can include a data infographic on how Google’s D-Wave 2X quantum computing machine is 100 million times faster than an average laptop. This gives the reader a good enough idea of how fast such machines are rather than just getting a vague idea about it from reading that they are incredibly fast.

Pro Tip: This will also make your content look like it was written by an expert. It increases trust, while making the article interesting as well as informative.

​Include Expert Quotes

​Another thing to do will be to add a few quotes from experts on the subject matter. Since you are writing on quantum computing, find out the experts in quantum computing and research interviews and talks they’ve given.

Then look for relevant quotes and include them in the content. This addition of quotes by experts will definitely add value to your article and make it more authoritative.

​Interview An Expert

​This requires a bit more work. But if you do it right, it will give your article a more professional touch while helping you considerably in making it share-worthy. Make a list of experts in your subject and send them an email asking if they would be open for an interview. Give details of what you plan on writing about, and be open to rejections.

Pro Tip: Add in a benefit for them. Like publicizing one of their projects for free.

When someone replies, then you have passed the toughest part. Prepare a list of questions to ask and mail them. Don’t expect them to spend time answering those. The mailing part was to let them know beforehand the questions that will be asked during the interview.

Call them, fix a date for the interview, and do it through the phone or by person. Once you have the answers, you can create an entire article around the interview.

The biggest benefit of this process is that you only need to have basic knowledge about the subject matter to create the questionnaire. No in-depth knowledge is required.

Plus, the interview with the expert will make the resulting article extremely informative, and interesting to someone in the niche, because they would want to know more about expert thoughts on the topic.

Writing content for subject matters you have no knowledge about is not as tough as it sounds. Follow the process outlined above and implement them, and you will easily be able to create content on any topic under the sun.​

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