Turn Around Your Mindset With These 5 Superpowers

I have some bad news. The only thing holding you back from achieving everything you want is YOUR mindset. Not society, not laws, not your family, or your circumstances, it’s YOU! The biggest achievers in the world weren’t born with a silver spoon or with supernatural powers; they were mortals, many from underprivileged backgrounds or […]

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How Procrastination Can Make Your Work Better

“A stitch in time saves nine,” your mother, grandmother, and first grade teacher preached in your impressionable years. How many times have you heard procrastination is an awful habit? We have research-backed facts that indicate procrastination can in fact boost creativity, productivity, and help make better decisions.So the next time you get a bad rap […]

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How to Pick the Right SSL Certificate For Your Website

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security method by which data being transferred over servers gets encrypted such that the website’s vulnerability to hacker attacks and phishing is reduced considerably. When people access a SSL-secured website, they feel confident that their sensitive data (credit card number, address, phone number, social security number, etc.) is secure […]

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How the Obstacle Becomes the Way

Turning an obstacle into a way is a popular concept in stoicism, very well explained by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius – “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” This line of thought mostly argues that human beings are able to adapt anything to serve its purpose.As such, […]

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How Thinking Critically Changes Your Life for the Better

Critical analysis can be defined as the ability to judge an issue by taking into account all factors that affect the process and outcome of the issue. A person with the ability to think critically will be able to calmly analyze from more than one perspective without letting personal preferences interfere judgment.So, how does thinking […]

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What You Should Know About Green Cryptocurrency Revolution

​What You Should Know About Green Cryptocurrency Revolution More than Just TrendingAdvantages of Cryptocurrency Over Conventional CurrencyThe Future of Cryptocurrency ​More than Just TrendingThe year 2017 gave us a taste of what the next paradigm shift in technology and finance would be. After the revolution brought on by the applications of the internet and mobile […]

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