5 Proven Ways To Find Profitable Websites To Buy

So, you’ve recently decided that you’re interested in getting started investing in websites, only to find out that you don’t actually know how to start finding websites for sale?Not to worry.I’ve put together a fairly comprehensive list of strategies you can use to find established, profitable websites that either are currently being sold, or can […]

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5 Ways AI is Helping Businesses Grow Their Audience

If you are rubbing shoulders with tech guys and digital marketers, you probably know that AI is more than just a combination of two letters. Or, an entire science that stands for Artificial Intelligence, attracting hundreds of millions in venture capital investments nowadays.Still, what’s most interesting about Artificial Intelligence is not the numbers and investments. […]

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This is Why You Should Start Using Digital Marketing Automation

Businesses nowadays have huge user databases that can be converted into real customers. Now, if a business wanted to transition those passive users, it would have to outreach to every single person with a personalized message. That seems like an overwhelming task for many.In order for businesses to keep up with their users, marketing automation […]

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How To Keep Social Media from Ruining Your Productivity

Social media use is rampant and the statistics are mind-boggling.As of January 2017, there are over 1.8 billion active Facebook users, 1 billion people using WhatsApp, and a further 600,000 million individuals using Instagram.Perhaps even more frightening, research by Common Sense Media suggests teenagers in America now spend on average 9 hours per day on social […]

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Invest In

Marketing has gone digital – with all your potential customers being constantly online, investing in digital marketing is the only way to survive and thrive. However, digital marketing might sound a bit ambiguous and volatile to a novice. You can keep following the trends endlessly, or might become stagnant by repeating the same things, over […]

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7 Ways To Clearly Define Your Brand And Nail Your Message

When it comes to large companies and corporations, spending millions of dollars every single year to extract the perfect image for their brand isn’t unheard of. It’s what they do to stay relevant and come to mind whenever you see their logo, their colors, or another aspect they’ve decided helps define their brand.As a smaller business, […]

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