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How the Obstacle Becomes the Way

Turning an obstacle into a way is a popular concept in stoicism, very well explained by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius – “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” This line of thought mostly argues that human beings are able to adapt anything to serve its purpose. As such, […]

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How Thinking Critically Changes Your Life for the Better

Critical analysis can be defined as the ability to judge an issue by taking into account all factors that affect the process and outcome of the issue. A person with the ability to think critically will be able to calmly analyze from more than one perspective without letting personal preferences interfere judgment. So, how does thinking […]

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4 Pillars for an Extraordinary Life

Students are made to memorize history books, when they should be taught about the taxes. The science textbooks aren’t even revised frequently and don’t cover the latest inventions and discoveries. Students are clueless about the practicality of the formulas they are bluntly made to memorize in high school. With the world developing so fast in […]

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Agnosticism: Divine Diplomacy

In a constant battle between the ones who worship God and ones who don’t, there is another group of people who sit back and watch the other two fight to choose between a rock and a hard place- the rock being the community of believers and the hard place being the community of non-believers. While […]

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There Are Many Sides to a Story

A husband was caught cheating on his wife. You would very conveniently believe the first thing you hear, and think, ‘alright, the husband is wrong, let us shame him.’ But this story has three sides- his, her and the truth. Have you ever watched ‘The Affair’? The director, very interestingly builds up a suspense surrounding […]

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